DISC - Personality Factor Profile®

The secret to personal and professional success lies in better understanding oneself and others. The persolog® Personality Model allows a reliable analysis of your own behaviour and opens your eyes to other ways of behaving.

This improves communication, helps to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts and allows for targeted personal development.

How you can better manage your behaviour

The persolog® Personality Model describes human behaviour in concrete situations with the goal of better understanding your own needs and the needs of others. It is based on four dimensions of behaviour

❙ Dominant (D) ❙ Proactive (P) ❙ Stable (S) ❙ Conscientious (C)

The four underlying tendencies of behaviour can be further broken down into 20 different behavioural tendencies. With our self-analysis tools for your personal development, the persolog® Personality Profile and the persolog® Behaviour Profile , you traverse analysis, interpretation and reflexion.

Our DISC solution offers a wide variety of reports that can be used in different kind of process as: coaching, leadership development, communication skills, sales training, customer service, and many others.

DISC model developed by Dr. William M. Marston, and present in the book EMOTIONS OF NORMAL PEOPLE.

The Personality Factor Profile®

The persolog® Personality Profile is a training booklet that contains anal- ysis, interpretation, reflexion and action strategies on the basis of four behaviour dimensions: Dominance, Proactiveness, Stability and Con- scientiousness. Two questionnaires with 192 valid items form the basis, allowing for categorisation into the behaviour tendencies. Building on this insight, the user develops a realistic picture of himself. Your knowledge about the behavioural pattern of your own personality allows you to deal with others with heightened awareness, to manage employees effectively and to successfully develop the management of your company.

  • ❙  Behaviour analysis with questionnaires

  • ❙  Description of the 20 behaviour tendencies

  • ❙  7 levels of interpretation

  • ❙  Reflexion & behaviour adaptation

  • ❙  Action plan

Personality Model Certification

Identify behavior and persue personal development systematically

One of the biggest challenges for personnel devel- opment is to work with people on their personalities. The point is provide them with support that allows them to address the challenges of the work place – including precisely in the area of key soft-skill competences.

With certification for the persolog® Personality Model, you have in your hands an internationally recognised tool and product for personal development that decisively expands your range of services as a trainer, coach and consultant. For managers and personnel developers, this is a genuine support.


❙ Background to the theory of the Model and of the be- havioural dimensions

❙ Trainer knowledge on designing a seminar on the persolog® Personality Model

❙ Interpretation exercises for the seven phases of interpretation ❙ Getting to know the seminar script and the background information on the Model using the trainer’s handbook

❙ Getting to know various possibilities for adapting the Model, as well as the corresponding learning tools

❙ Getting to know the online questionnaires and online reports ❙ Knowledge of the statistics and research on the Model

EPORT® platform

You travel a lot or have complex consulting projects? Then use the flexibility of eport, our electronic portal for online questionnaires and project management. With eport, your customers fill in questionnaires for the persolog Personality Factor Profile, the Time Management Profile, and the Stress Management Profile online. The system then creates the evaluation reports and posts them. Professional and comfortable – also for consulting projects with an especially large number of participants.

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