Assess is a web-based talent assessment platform that provides in-depth assessment for selection and development of managers and professionals. Developed by organizational psychologists and written in business language, Assess incorporates personality and intellectual ability assessments, behavioral feedback, and performance measurement to evaluate people against a model of success.

By using the competency-linked components of our Assess System, organizations can target selection efforts, guide development for the highest gain, and hold employees accountable for their improved performance. How can you use Assess in your organization?

• Competency Modeling

• Selection Assessment

• Leadership Development

• Coaching for Performance Improvement

• Succession Planning

• Performance Measurement

Assess for Development

Assess for Selection

Strategic Success Modeling

Competencies define superior performance. At its foundation, Assess uses an extensive competency library coupled with an efficient modeling process (SSM) to define custom success models. SSM is a facilitated process with job content experts which allows you to build a model in days, not months.

Once models are defined, Assess seamlessly integrates the models into the assessment platform. Then it interprets assessment results based on these targets through selection reports, development reports, and 3600 feedback.

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