HR Tools has more than 25 years of training and certifying consultants around the world. Our DISC distribution began 25 years ago in Asia and the Americas. Today, we offer DISC reports in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

The 360 assessment is a user friendly, and a complete analysis. It is totally customizable and offers custom scales and competencies. It also includes on board library of surveys and competency models. The reports may include free text comments, and developmental suggestions. 

Assess integrates a series of assessments to evaluate job fit based on your model of success. You can manage all of the following processes: Feedback regarding work-related personality and intellectual abilities, Competency-based reports provide additional insight into those factors that help or hinder the display of job-specific competencies, Structured Interview Guides and Interview Probes to facilitate the interview process, Management Suggestions to help with on-boarding new hires, and customization options: link to a competency model, validate a success profile, develop custom norms.

Our assessment of Emotional Intelligence evaluates 4 factors and 20 scales. The report gives you the result about the ability of: characterize emotions in oneself and in others, use feelings constructively, understand and analyze emotions, how to take responsibility about emotions.

SalesMax® is an online sales assessment that you can use to select top performers that contribute to the effectiveness in the sales role, but also you can use it to develop talent giving feedback on specific personality factors that help or hinder effectiveness in sales.

The negotiation profile gives you the information it the following scales: Memory skills, self-control, People skills, agreeableness, cognitive acuity and knowledge of the negotiation process.

This profile is an in-depth assessment that evaluates a person’s managerial potential. This all/encompassing test covers over 69 competencies, traits and skills,

HR tools offer a wide variety of assessments that allow to measure different skills like time management, customer service, decision making, organizational skills, integrity, and many others. If you are interested, contact us to the email: corporate@hpiintl.com.

Why is HR Tools Successful?

  • HIGH-QUALITY products, we represent the most recognized brands on assessment and training tools around the world.
  • We sell SCIENTIFICALLY endorsed tools for organizational development.
  • EXPERIENCE, We have more than 25 years training consultants, coaches and trainers around the world.
  • All our tools are supported by the BEST TECHNOLOGY.
  • HR Tools has a NETWORK of more than 500 consultants, and coaches worldwide.

HR Tools Certifications

  • DISC: Is an excellent tool for coaching and is used world wild.  DISC allows one to understand their natural occurring behavioral style and the style of others.
  • 360 Assessment: Complements the DISC assessment, and gives the subject a very clear view of how other people perceive the subjects behavior as applied to related competencies..
  • Emotional Intelligence: This assessment is very important in self-knowledge development.
  • Disc: Is the best and most used tool for development and training around the world.
  • Emotional Intelligence: It works with any kind of training related with self-development.
  • Negotiation Profile: It is an excellent profile to be used during any kind of negotiation training.

Assess®: Great tool to evaluate naturally occuring competencies, and relate them to the selection process or development process.

360 assessment: It complements other tools that evaluate personality, like Assess®, by giving 360 degree feedback on actual job performance.

Emotional Intelligence: This tool gives us very important information about how the person identifies, and manage his/her emotions.

SalesMax: An excellent tool for the selection and development of sales people.

DISC: This tool gives a very good and easy to understand information about behaviors and the management of behaviors in the workplace.

SalesMax®: Excellent tool for selection and development assessment of sales people.

DISC: Is a tool for training sales force personnel to modify and focus behavior to a style that is compatible to that of the customer. Highly effective effective tool to enhance communication. 

Assess®: This personality assessment allows one to evaluate candidates with the competences of the organization.

SalesMax®: This sales assessment gives information about the sales skills of the candidate, as well as sales knowledge. It gives a score and suggestions related to the possible selection of this person.

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